From the beginnings in Hammelburg to the commitment to 100% Renewable Energy and Climate Protection worldwide

Born in 1952 in Hammelburg, after completing my school education, I studied physics and sports for teaching at secondary schools at the University of Würzburg. Following that, I worked as a high school teacher for twenty years, most recently at Humboldt Gymnasium Schweinfurt. Even during those years, I was very politically active, and I always had a deep concern for climate protection and renewable energy. In 1993, I introduced the world’s first feed-in tariff system for my hometown of Hammelburg and founded the world’s first cooperative for the production of solar energy. From 1999 to 2000, I served as a city councilor in Hammelburg and a district councilor in Bad Kissingen.

During my time as a member of the German Bundestag for the Bad Kissingen constituency, I drafted the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), which was enacted and passed in the year 2000 despite numerous political obstacles. The EEG laid the foundation for the globally acclaimed technological development of photovoltaics, biogas, wind power, and geothermal energy in Germany. The basic principles of the EEG have since been copied over 100 times in more than 60 countries worldwide.

I also initiated the law for the tax exemption of biofuels. I actively contributed to the legal framework for renewable energies at the European and global levels. As the spokesperson for the research committee of the German Bundestag, I promoted the increase in research funding for photovoltaics, solar thermal power generation, geothermal energy, bioenergy, battery research for electric cars, bionics, and nanotechnology from 1999 to 2005. These increments in research funding were crucial foundations for the current global expansion of solar thermal power generation and the national expansion of geothermal power generation.

As a member of the Defense Committee of the German Bundestag from 1998 to 2005, I supported the development of military training methods for de-escalation of violence, particularly at the Bundeswehr location in Hammelburg. This training to prevent violence in military operations is gaining international recognition, especially in the context of United Nations peacekeeping missions.

Even before and during my time in the German Bundestag, I actively advocated for 100% renewable energy worldwide and provided advice to parliaments and governments internationally on climate protection and the transition to an energy system based entirely on renewable energy. In 2006, I founded the Energy Watch Group (EWG), an independent, non-profit, global network of scientists and parliamentarians, which I preside over. Together, we analyze global developments in the field of energy and commission independent studies on energy-related topics. The study, „100% Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources Worldwide is Feasible and Cost-Effective,“ garnered worldwide attention from the media, politics, and academia. As the author of several books, I have published works such as „Global Cooling – Strategies Against Climate Protection Blockade.“

You can find my resume in both German, English and French here.

Hans-Josef Fell, Member of Parliament from 1998 to 2013
Author of the draft of the EEG 2000

Political Roles:

1990-1998 City Councilor in Hammelburg

1996-2002 District Councilor in Bad Kissingen

1998-2005 Spokesperson for Energy and Research Policy in the Green Party Parliamentary Group

1998-2013  Member of the Committee for Environment, Nature Conservation, and Reactor Safety

1998-2013 Member of the Defense Committee

1998-2013 Member of the Committee for Education, Research, and Technology Assessment

1998-2013 Rapporteur for Technology Assessment of the Parliamentary Faction

1998-2013 Board Member of the German-Chinese Parliamentary Group

2005-2013 Spokesperson for Energy Policy of the Green Party Parliamentary Group


1994 Solar Award of the European Solar Energy Association EUROSOLAR

2000 Energy Globe Award

2000 Solar Prize of the German Solar Energy Society (DGS)

2001 Nuclear-Free Future Award

2002 Solar Industry Award of the German Solar Industry

2002 First German Geothermal Award „Der Hartsteinbohrer“

2003 German Biogas Award, Dr. Heinz Schulz Memorial Medal

2006 Bonda-Award of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA)

2012 Energy Award powered by Joule & RENEXPO® for Lifetime Achievement

2012 Bavarian Order of Merit

2015 Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

2018 Visionary Influencer Award 2018, presented in Abu Dhabi

2018 LUI Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilisation recognising lifetime achievements for a sustainable development of the world

2019 Global Leadership Award in Advancing Solar Energy Policy – In Honour of Hermann Scheer, presented in Santiago de Chile

2019 Honorary Citizenship of my hometown Hammelburg